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Hey, my name is Jake Brenner and I'm a freelance photographer/videographer from Canada. I am the owner and operator of Jakes Escapes & Jakes Estates Media. As a photographer/videographer, I view the world through a creative lens. This creativity has led me to many adventures, and has given me the chance to collaborate with some truly talented individuals and companies.

The Business:


With a 7-year legacy, we excel in photography and videography. Our forte lies in tourism, real estate, and landscapes. Partnering with major tourism agencies, we bring destinations to life. In real estate, we highlight properties' unique charm. Our landscape shots showcase nature's splendor. Precision, passion, and personalization define our approach. Choose us for experience, innovation, and a collaborative spirit. We merge global perspective with local expertise. Trust us to immortalize your vision through our lens.


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Phone: 782-640-6196

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