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What would our world look like without social media? Social media is one of the leading ways of finding a wider audience and potential clients, everyones on the platforms! Whether you're posting a reel to instagram or posting a TikTok about yourself, you're bound to expand your business to a wide range of people and communities. Here at Jakes Estates Media, we will help you create those trendy, eye catching videos! We have a wide variety of stock footage from around Nova Scotia to help set the scene, we also have the gear and experience to create those fun videos!

Social Media services include:

  • Vertical video home tours

  • Interview style videos

  • Social media photo posts (Detail shots, New Listing featured posts)

  • Trendy Reels or TikTok's showing of the property

  • Aerial Video showing off location and property

  • Neighbourhood Videos

Location Video

Neighbourhood Video

New Listing Video

Vertical Tour Video

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